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I offer a range of services to help you enjoy your garden. Whether it's a regular tidy up which you need, a problem hedge that has you scratching your head, or if you just need someone to get on top of your garden before it gets on top of you, I'm here to help.


I specialise in hedge cutting, grass cutting, tree pruning and all sorts of general work around the garden, so feel free to get in touch and I will be happy to arrange a competitive quote for you.

All of my tools are of the highest professional standard and are regularly serviced to ensure safety and reliability, and all waste is disposed of safely and responsibly.

Hedge Cutting


Hedges are great for all manner of things from privacy to encouraging wildlife. However, like all of us they need to be looked after!

Overgrown or unhappy hedges can cause lots of problems and people are always surprised at the effect a well-kept hedge has on the overall feel of their garden.


Lawn Maintenance


It's amazing how much a difference a well maintained, freshly cut lawn makes to a garden.


If your lawn has gotten completely out of control, if it's in need of a bit of TLC or if you just want someone to come in and keep it mowed now and again, then just call for a chat - I'd be delighted to help.



Trees and shrubs which are left to their own devices often end up unruly, unhealthy and rarely reach their full potential, often encroaching on other parts of your (or your neighbour's) garden.

Some simple pruning here and there can give new life to old plants - and often saves them from the compost heap!


Borders, Beds and Edges


Borders, beds and edges bring life, colour, variety and more to a garden.


A clean and well maintained border can bring out the best in the plants you already have - or can provide a home where your new additions can really flourish.

Whether it's simple maintenance of existing beds that you need or if you would like to start from scratch and put new features in, just get in touch.




Sometimes a garden can be so unruly that it leaves you scratching your head and wondering where to start.

Many people want a 'blank canvas' to work with before embarking on a wholesale redesign, many have forgotten what their garden looks like and just want to get back to enjoying it again.

Whatever the need, feel free to call me to take the stress away!​

General Maintenance

Weeding, digging, deadheading, pruning, cleaning, mulching, composting.... the list of things needed to keep a garden ship-shape can seem endless!

If you need a one-off spruce-up to get your garden back to its best, or if you need regular help keeping your garden just the way you like it, I'm on hand to help in whatever way you need.


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